Mike - Altered Perception

a bit of information about me

A photograph is not reality. It is a perception of reality. Reality altered by the photographer. Transformed by what the photographer chooses to include within and what to omit from the the lens'  view. It is a transmuted aspect created by the photographer through film and the mechanics of the electronic sensor, through the manipulation of light and the use of computer applications. A photograph is a unique perception of a photographer; it is an altered reality. Or it just  may be a snapshot.

I have been photographing people, places and objects as far back as I can remember. My interests, subjects and methods have changed over the years. I have photographed architecture, landscape, people and, always, water.

Like many others, I have worked with film and the dark room, and now have turned almost exclusively to digital photography for its ease of manipulation.

In addition, and more recently, I have begun creating videos as well.

I hope those of you who have stumbled onto this site will enjoy my photos.

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